Talent is our core competitiveness, core team members after 80, responsible, character consistency, unity, progress, more creative.The team main force has nearly 10 years of industry experience, has profound affection to the self-service terminal industry, the kiosks as a lifelong career to do is the common vision of each team member.

Our design philosophy is "focus on innovation, leading the trend," Design team members in the industry with successful well-known works,Have a thorough knowledge of the automation design experience, Fully with the characteristics of industrial and commercial products product innovation; Is the domestic industrial designers have certain popularity.

Our products are made from source control, Supply system in line with "strong-strong cooperation, create a win-win" the vision of providing the most advantage of the price and the best quality products, Which guarantees our product advantages.

In the fierce competition pressure, We deeply realize that product quality is the assurance of enterprise core competitiveness, Company custom-made the slogan of "quality is life" is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, give full play to the "spirit". Our company do not set product quality,Quality control led by research and development department, starting from the project plan, "Every employee is checked" by the standards of production, to ensure that each product is high quality product.

The company's products check at each level from research and development, production to delivery ,Products through Research and demonstration , production testing, commissioning,multi-channel process quality control; In the pilot phase, we adopt the most brutal scene simulation way From transport, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance, and other links for destructive testing. Ensure that the product safe, stable and reliable, and worry in integrated operation 。

We take the lead in the industry put forward the slogan "360 + service", providing customers with + 24 hours on duty "all-round" service for the whole year; Establish perfect scheme evaluation mechanism, product emergency mechanism, emergency treatment team, strive to achieve the industry the most rapid response, the most sincere attitude, the most professional technology, processing more at ease.